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We are Credit Group Official Food Licensed Agency which is a pioneer company of botanical silicon in Japan. We focused on silicon,which is said to be insufficient for Japanese people, and especially we are engaged in promoting "vegetable silicon food ". We are doing activities to spread not only domestic but also overseas as the Official Food Licensed Agency .

Of course, I do not think that we can’t be healthy only with silicon , But Japanese life style make us fallen into silicon deficiency without noticing.You can suspect the disorder of the body because of "silicon shortage". If we are out of bad condition due to insufficient silicon, we need to supplement silicon, And if we out of bad condition due other cause we will be exploring other causes,

We believe that we can cope with various health problems of modern society by combining silicon With other health products.

Let's start knowing your health condition about Silica      Whether Silica is enough or not in your body

Why We Focus on Silicon?

Silica, also known as silicon dioxide, is a necessary building block of the human body.
Silica is mainly found in blood vessels, skin, bones, nails, and skin.
Although silica is a vital mineral for the body, modern lifestyles and our environment are leading to silica deficiency.
Below are some of the primary roles of silica.

1.Improvement in blood vessel elasticity.
2.Strengthening bones and cartilage.
3.Countermeasure to lifestyle diseases.
4.It is an essential building block of collagen.
5.Antioxidant nutrients to resist allergies.

In detail
Why We Chose Rice Husk Vegetal Silicon?

Silica has two major forms: vegetable and mineral.
Compared to mineral silica, vegetable silica is superior in many ways.
1.Vegetable silica is known to have very high detoxification benefits for the human body.
2.Vegetable silica has a high absorption rate in the body because of the macroparticles.
3.Vegetable silica is abundant in nutrients unique to plants, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.
4.WHO and the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare approved the safety of rice husk silica.

In detail
Why We Chose Rice Silica Products?

Why We Recommend Rice Silica from Bee Tree Inc.:
1.Bee Tree Inc. is the pioneer company that specializes in manufacturing plant-based silicon extracted from rice husks that are gentle to human bodies.
2 Over 30 years of dedicated research has gone into the development of their patented liquefaction technology that extracts silica from rice husks.
3. Many study cases and numerous achievements have proven the beneficial effects of silica.
4.The superior quality of rice silica from Bee Tree Inc. Their rice silica has a high silicon concentration of 9000 ppm that is extracted from 100% pesticide-free rice ears.

In detail

Characteristics of our silicon products

Among the numerous silicon products, we have selected vegetable silicon rice silica series of Credit Group Company. The main features of Botanical Silicon Products of Credit Group are as follows.

1. This product is made from Vegetal silicon extracted from completely organic agricultural rice.

2. They succeeded in extraction and liquidization of silicon by patented technology. (This increases the absorption rate to the human body.)

3. There are Numerous achievements (clinical data) and High effect have been confirmed.

4. This product is high quality (no pesticide, high concentration, ISO 9001 certification, WHO & Japanese Government Standard).

5. Customer can receive free&safe support from doctors.

Rice silica premium 500 ml

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Certificate of Japanese Agency

The Manufactureing Process Safely

The Process of Silica Extraction from RIce
First Process: Silica Extraction

The Process of Silica Extraction and Dissolve
Second Process :Dissolve of Silica Powder

Products Introduction

Rice silica premium 500 ml

This product is the most popular of Vegetale Silicon Compnay.
Rice silica premium was born by adding "denhiti ninjin saponin concentrate" which is the king of carrot and to "World botanical silicon concentrate" and "rice bran 100% inositol" derived from rice bran. In detail

Rice silica 500 ml

This product is very popular of Vegetale Silicon Compnay.
Rice silica is the world's first 'vegetable silicon concentrate'. In detail

Doctor's Power Rice Silica Premium

8 years after Silicon Product were born from the Rice Hull of the world for the first time in the world, it finally arrived at a product that can respond to the voice of drinkers. That is Dr. 's Power, Rice Sillica PREMIUM (Doctor' s Power Rice Silica Premium) supervised by Doctor.

Combining "denhiti ninjin" with blood purification action and "rice bran derived" inositol "to" silicon "extracted from rice hulls of domestically produced Koshihikari cultivated with completely pesticide-free, I finished it in a gel form to absorb well in the body. In detail

Rice silica premium 50ml

This product is the most popular of Vegetale Silicon Compnay.
Rice silica premium was born by adding "denhiti ninjin saponin concentrate" which is the king of carrot and to "World botanical silicon concentrate" and "rice bran 100% inositol" derived from rice bran. In detail

Rice silica 50ml

This product is very popular of Vegetale Silicon Compnay.
Rice silica is the world's first 'vegetable silicon concentrate'. In detail

News about Silica

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Comparative nutritional study of silicon in plants (1976)

We would like to highlight a case study that was conducted on silica in 1976 by Dr. Haruto Miyake, a researcher from Kyoto University, a long time before the effectiveness of silicon was recognized in the industry. The necessity of silicon nutrients in plants was originally discovered by Sachs in 1862. Dr. Miyake conducted a comparative experiment on plants with a lack of silicon and plants with a sufficient supply of silicon. As shown in…

The relationship between capillaries and silica.

As explained in an article published earlier on our website, “What is Silica?”, it was discovered that silica is a crucial component that contributes to strengthening blood vessel elasticity. Our R&D division has been focusing on improving the condition of capillaries by ingesting silica and utilizing a specially designed scope to observe the changes. We have seen in our case study that a person who has continued to take silica has resulted in improved capillary…

About Silica’s Ability (King of Yahoo! Quiz)

Here is a video posted by the King of Yahoo! Quiz Show where they discuss the benefits of silica. This video contains information on how silica impacts the body internally. We reported on the benefits of silica and how it helps to detoxify the body by expelling aluminum. Please watch the video.

Featured in a medical industry magazine, “TV Hospital”

Rice silica was discussed at length in the medical industry magazine “TV Hospital” in both the June and July 2019 monthly editions. This magazine is has been freely distributed at 600 hospitals in Tokyo. Patients are able to browse the magazine at their leisure while in the hospital waiting rooms. Dr. Power Rice Silica Premium, a liquid rice silica supplement, was introduced in the section for healthy foods and supplements. Currently, we are sending out…

Exhibiting World Healthy and Beauty Food Expo 2019

We exhibited World Healthy and Beauty Food Expo 2019 at Makuhari Tokyo 2019. We appriciated for the company and people who visited our booth. We will try our best and continue the activities spreading Vegital Silica.

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