Reason1:Vegetal Silicon

It is vegetable silicon that is friendly to people extracted from rich husks of nutrients. In addition, rice husks that grew up in a pesticide-free environment is safe to ingest every day .I thought about ancient Japanese that did not have pesticide, and also focused on returning to the origin of Japanese people.


Reason2:Patented liquefaction technology

After more than 30 years of research and development, we established a patent manufacturing method to extract silicon from rice husk. Furthermore, due to our unique technology, we succeeded in liquefying the silicon which increased the absorption rate.  
※In order to avoid all disclosure, only one patent is listed here.

Reason3: Empirical evidence

Multiple clinical records show an improvement of blood glucose level (HbA1C) and skin disease.

Reason4:High-grade quality assurance

It uses complete pesticide rice that achieved high silicon concentration of 9000 ppm. (Manufactured at a factory of ISO 9001 quality management)
  ※Credit Group Official Food Licensed Agency is the only company that acquired ISO for food manufacturing factory.

Reason5:Customer Service

A complimentary medical professional adviser access and customer support service are available upon purchase of the product.
Credit Group,Tokyo Akasaka AA Clinic, Nippon Silicon Medical Clinical Study Group