About the new Coronawi problem

The corona problem that occurred in early 2020 has evolved into a problem that shakes the foundations of various systems in the world in a very short time.
We hope that this will trigger people, businesses, families, schools and communities affected by the negative impact to settle down and recover as soon as possible.

In response to these circumstances, we will release information and knowledge on the theme of “Really energetic and long-lasting mind and body in 100 years of life” , to help people in their lives.

We hope that this information will be one of the keywords that can be used to confront unexpected things such as viruses.

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1. Fly to the whole image of body building in 100 years of life

2. Fly to the dietary habits of 100 years of life

3. Fly to the making of mental life 100 years

4. Fly to the secrets of people alive over 100 years old

5. Fly to make beautiful skin that can be used for the rest of your life 100 years

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Consideration about silica and fungus

The following describes how the silica sold on this site is positioned against bacteria.
(Please do not think that silica alone can provide a countermeasure against bacteria (eg corona).)

1. Silica has bacteriostatic action
* Bacteriostatic means to reduce the number of bacteria by suppressing the growth of the bacteria, not by killing them to reduce them.

2. In addition, the main roles of silica are “flexible blood vessel formation”, “flexible bone and cartilage formation”, “lifestyle related disease countermeasures” (blood sugar level control, blood pressure control, intestinal environment normalization), “collagen binding role” “Countermeasures against allergies (antioxidant action)” and contribute to a healthy body

3. Despite the fact that the mineral called silica is a necessary component for the body, many people have a shortage of silica due to modern people’s eating habits and lifestyles, so it is one way of thinking to supplement the lack of silica.