Silicon is the key element to build all organs in the body

Silicon is the key element to build all organs in the body. It is the KING OF MINERAL!

How Silicon is Distribute in the Body
Eyes・Bones・Thymus Nerves・Skin,Hair・Teeth・Nails・Pancreas・Spleen・Lung・Stomach・Muscles・Brain・Heart・Liver・Kidney・Blood vessel・The internal organs・Blood・Lymph glands……etc
Silicon is the key element to build all organs in the body.

How Silicon is Distribute in the Body


Silicon is the key element to build all organs in the body. It is the KING OF MINERAL!
Roughly speaking, there are 4 Functions.[Strengthen bones and blood vessels][Preventing Lifestyle diseases – Improving glucose levels, high blood-pressure, and internal organ environment][Concentrates collagen][Antioxidant mineral to for anti-allergies]

Strengthen bones and blood vessels

  • Silicon maintains the elasticity of the arterial wall, regulate cholesterol into the blood vessel, and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  • Silicon carries out calcium that nourish the minerals in bones.
Preventing Lifestyle diseases – Improving glucose levels, high blood-pressure, and internal organ environment

  • When insulin and receptor cohere, the cells absorb glucose into the body effortlessly,
    which is helpful for measures against high blood glucose level.
  • Removing cholesterol and peroxidic lipid on the vessel wall can improve the blood flow to transport nutrients to various body compartments.
  • Improving kidney function can measure against blood pressure which discharges excess salinity.
  • Silica regulates intestinal flora.
Concentrates collagen

  • Silicon assembles collagen to strengthen cohesion, the fibroblast cells that have a positive effect on bones, Achilles tendons, teeth, nails, blood vessels, etc.
Antioxidant mineral to for anti-allergies

  • Strengthening the mitochondria cells, blood vessels, and organs such as the liver can suppress allergies.


Silicon concentration decreases as the body ages.


The human body cannot produce silicon.Silicon concentration decreases as the body ages.

【When young】
・Supplied by the silicon within the body
【Getting older】
・Degrading of silicon
・Deficiency amount varies by the lifestyle

Symptoms/effects of silicon deficiency

Take care of Symptoms/effects of silicon deficiency.[Declining of collagen productivity][Decline in immunity and metabolism]

Declining of collagen productivity(Declining strength)

Weakening in skin

Weakening in bones

Weakening in nails

Weakening in hair

Decline in immunity and metabolism

deterioration of intestinal organs

increase in blood glucose level

increase in blood pressure

becoming more prone to allergies

Remedy for Silicon Deficiency

Let’s Run Tests to Check on Silicon Deficiency

Outer Check of Body
Common symptoms with bones, joints, blood vessels, skin, hair, teeth, nails, etc.
  • Brittle nails
  • Progression of arteriosclerosis
  • Lose skin
  • Hair loss
  • anemia
  • 筋肉の硬化
  • Dizziness
  • Bone density reduction
  • eczema
  • Constipation
Inner Check of body
Irregular Immune System and Metabolic Activity
  • High blood sugar level
  • High blood pressure
  • Allergies
  • Decline of metabolis
  • Short breathe
  • Frustration
  • palpitation
  • Lethargic
  • Lack of concentration
  • swelling
  • Hypoplasia
Scientific Check
Accurate silicon deficiency can be determined by an oligoscan.

Let’s run Tests to Check on Silicon Deficiency by eating silocon supplement and silicon food. and Let’s run Tests to Check on
Silicon Deficiency by changing life style.

Take silicon supplements to refuel silicon in the body.
Create a new lifestyle!

Absorption of Silicon from Food. (Low Absorption of Nutrients)

The amount of silicon consumption per adult is said to be 10 mg to 40 mg per day.
When suspected of shortage of silicon, it is one way of thinking to supplement it by actively ingesting from daily diet.
However, silicon is hard to dissolve (it is hard to absorb), and it is also a fact that silicon ingestion from meals is becoming very difficult because of various factors that inhibit mineral absorption by modern society.

Foods Rich in Silicon



  • Oats600
  • Prosomillet500
  • Barley233



  • Seaweed62
  • Hijiki10
  • Clams10



  • Potato200
  • Red radish21
  • Asparagus18

Reasons for Low Absorption

1.Difficult to Dissolve
・Silicon has an extremely low absorption rate.
Example: Meeting daily nutrient needs through food consumption would require the intake of 3 buckets of seaweed a day.
2.Obstruction of Mineral Absorption
・Modern lifestyles inhibit the absorption of essential minerals such as silicon.
Example: Change in agriculture. (Pesticides, processed food, and poor soil.)
Example: Rice was eaten with the husk and contained rich minerals, but now it has been polished,removing the outer minerals, for the flavor.

Silicon as the Supplement

Silicon is an essential mineral that is important for humans, but since it cannot be produced in the body, and difficult to absorb by food as the primary source, you must refuel silicon in some way.
It is necessary to ingest silicon as a supplement because it is difficult to take in enough silicon from food alone.
To find the best supplements, it is important to consider manufacturing companies that can provide detailed information regarding their silicon harvesting, manufacturing process, as well as their quality of customer support.

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